Balochistan - Conference Recommendations


  • Separate disaster-specifc contingency plan should be drafted for each district of the province.
  • Funds should be allotted in the provincial budget to deal with natural disasters.
  • Rescue and relief workers should be given proper training to manage disaster relief operations.
  • Modern equipment should be provided to rescue organizations so that they can deal with disaster aftermath.
  • General awareness campaigns and workshops should be conducted regularly so that people/stakeholders know how to react in an emergency situation.
  • Building codes need to be revised to with-stand expected magnitude and frequency of earthquakes.
  • DDMAs should immediately undertake contingency planning for each district in consultation with all stakeholders.
  • Initiatives should be undertaken for ground water recharge through check Dams / Bunds etc.
  • Stocking of relief stores and supplies should be done in each district.
  • There should be an effective supply chain management for quick and timely relief support.


  • There should be an allocation of revenues in the budget for violence prone districts to deal with complex emergencies, like suicide bombing, terrorist attacks etc.
  • Religious tolerance should be created in the civil society and especially in villages by involving the local Mullah (clergyman) and other influential men/groups.
  • Effective coordination between different departments like law enforcement agencies and rescue organizations – both at vertical and horizontal planes.
  • Media should be sensitized and educated with direct reference to dealing with complex emergent situations.
  • A volunteer force should be created and built that can effciently and effectively deal with such emergencies.


  • The top most priority of the government should be to expedite pending women progressive bills.
  • There should be a separate cell in forensic department for crimes related to women.
  • Media should play a positive role by showing working women in a progressive and positive light.
  • There should be expansion of WDD (Women Development Department) on district level.
  • Male Parliamentarians should be sensitized on women issues and laws