SINDH - Conference Recommendations


  • An effective early warning system should be put in place.
  • Rapid response force should be organized to be able to respond in shortest possible time.
  • To provide food, non-food items and medical services, including medicines should be supplied on urgent basis to disaster affected people.
  • Camp area problems should be solved at the spot.
  • NGOs and local administration should collaborate and make joint efforts to help the affectees.
  • Rehabilitation activities should be part of the disaster management process and development plans by government.
  • Monitoring units should be setup at District level.


  • There should be a complete ban on toy guns/weapons.
  • Ammunition should not be available to the public without strict licensee checks.
  • Terrorism laws need to be reformed, strengthened and implemented.
  • There should be a realistic, fool-proof witness protection program.
  • Youth awareness campaigns must be undertaken to educate them about misuse of drugs and weapons.
  • History syllabus in schools should focus on social, scientific and cultural achievements of rulers, rather their military victories.
  • TV and electronic media should not show vulgarity, hatred, violence and religious intolerance.
  • Government should refrain from targeting any political group.
  • There should be de-weaponization and disarmament of political parties and the concerning Bill be passed.


  • Implementation of acid-throwing law shall be strictly carried out.
  • There should be thorough coordination between victims and nGos.
  • Compensation should be given immediately to the victim, without lengthy process.
  • Acid-buying and selling in the market should be banned or highly restricted.
  • Jirga system should be abolished in villages.
  • There should be a rehabilitation program for the sexually abused children.
  • Harassment at workplace law should be strictly imposed throughout the country.
  • Dowry abuse should be dealt with strict action.