Islamabad - Conference Recommendations

the civil Society national conference on peace was held on 19th of September 2012 at Marriott Hotel, Islamabad. conference was inaugurated by the Honorable Federal Minister of Interior Mr. Rehman A. Malik. The recommendations made at the provincial peace conferences were consolidated and shared with the audience for their feedback. The vote of confidence was obtained from the audience in the Question and Answer session. The participants appreciated the work done and efforts of the Bardasht and proposed additional recommendations that are mentioned below. The closing session was graced by Mr. Jahangir Badar, Leader of the House in Senate and Secretary General pakistan peoples party. All the recommendations (provincial and Additional) were presented to him for further action and consideration.


  • travelling on Karakorum Highway (KKH) should be made safe and secure by the Government.
  • ‘Disaster Management’ as a subject should be taught compulsory in class 9th &10th as being practiced in neighbouring country.


  • Government should effectively denounce India’s role in disturbing peace and creating instability in pakistan at national and international level.
  • there should be strict regulation and auditing of funds received and expended by Religious Madrassas.
  • A strict check must be kept by the pakistan Government on funding being done by some countries to certain undesirable/defunct religious organizations to propagate their version of Islam.
  • We need to deal with moderate multinational group through dialogue, general amnesty or option to surrender.
  • Breakdown of peace is also form of complex emergency. Militant groups approaches should be adopted by carrying out analysis and finding out the causes and factors responsible for this breakdown.
  • Laws have been formulated for every crime to be dealt with, but unfortunately, their implementation has been very weak. this aspect needs to be strengthened irrespective of the position/status of the perpetrators of the crime.
  • The youth of pakistan, especially belonging to remote/ underdeveloped areas, need to be engaged in healthy activities through youth clubs and sports.There should be a ban/restriction on religious parties from creating/joining a political party.


  • Acid sale should only be made to individuals registered with the government and entitled to buy the same.
  • Gender sensitization of police must be ensured.positive light.
  • Vocational training should be encouraged in Madrassas.
  • Section 310-A should be made cognizable so that the police can arrest the culprit without any warrant and punishment under this section should be enhanced to 10 years maximum.
  • Dowry laws should be revisited.